The Russian Military Receiver R-323M

From a Friend I got this very nice receiver. He is is near new condition and he works great!
Its build in the end of 70ies, begin 80ies.

Frequency range:
20 .. 100 MHz, in 4 ranges.
Range 1: 20.0 .. 38.0 MHz
Range 2: 38.0 .. 56.0 MHz
Range 3: 56.0 .. 84.0 MHz
Range 4: 84.0 .. 100.0 MHz

Modes: FM-N,FM-W, AM, SSB, CW

Mass + weights: 225 x 270 x 370 mm, 14.7 kg
Transmitting power: –
Frequency departure: –
Sensitivity: A1: 2 µV; A3: 4 µV.
Accessories: Headset and loudspeaker
Batteries: I use it with a computer power supply. 5V and 12V


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