Repair a PRC-6/6 (German Version)

I got from eBay a PRC-6/6 (Banana) Military Squad Radio. It was build in October 1961. The PRC-6 (the U.S. Korea and Vietnam radio) you can get often by eBay, but the german one I saw not so often. So I bought it for 50 €. The seller wrote, that he can’t test it, so he sell it broken.

The first what you need is a battery for it. Normally you must have a BA-270/U. But you can’t buy it any more. So I mus build this by my self.

This battery specification can be downloaded from the website:


I made one out of plastic. I heated it and bent it to the dimensions from the specification.

The socket is a 7 pin octal tube socket.
The battery has +90V, +45V, Minus (for 90+45V), -4.5V and +1.5V. See the the specification. Installed are 10x 9V battery block, 1x 1.5V mono cell and 3x 1.5V mignon cell.  I pay for all battery 8 € by pollin.

It fits 100% in the Radio.

After that I can try the first time the radio out, and it was broken. I Checked all tubes (measuring the header) and I saw that 2 tubes are broken. I ordered a near complete set of new tubes (NOS) from a German dealer for 12 €. After that I solve a contact problem by the channel switch and the radio works 🙂

The crystals are from my craft crate.

The frequencies are in the moment:

1: 45.900 MHz
2: 49.130 MHz
3: 49.180 MHz
4. 51.980 MHz
5: 53.490 MHz
6: 54.900 MHz

The crystals can you calculate with: Frequency – 11.38 MHz = crystal frequency.
But I look for crystals in the 6m band. From 38.62 MHz to 39.62 MHz.

After you installed a crystal, you must set up the frequency with that scale. You must use the four socket head cap screw.

The original handbook I bought for 16€ brand new and unused.

The German caption.

So my price for a working PRC-6/6 was app. 90 € with battery and handbook. Maybe a little bit too expensive, but the antique heart that does not matter 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Repair a PRC-6/6 (German Version)

  1. Hallo,my name is Cees and am very interested in WO 2 transceivers .
    I enjoyed your information lessons of the 6/6 transceiver
    This moment I try to repair a PCR 6/6 which is completely different from the PCR6 which manual i found on the internet .
    The transmit mode of the 6/6 is ok but no reception at all
    Is t possible to mail me a copy of the realignment procedure and copy of the 6/6 electrical schema .

    i will be very gratefull

  2. Herr Schwab,

    I found an eBay seller with PRC-6/6 crystals in the six meter band. He currently has frequencies we use in the U.S. with military radios: 50.955, 51.08 and 51.62, also 50.38 if you wanted to whisper to someone with an AM rig. Perhaps these could be pulled closer to 51.0, 51.6, and 50.4. Here is the link:

    Thanks for your video showing how to tune the rig, I enjoyed watching it.

  3. Hello,
    I am also looking for the 6/6 schematic. I don’t have the radio, but I have a kit of tubes and I was curious to see the circuit solutions adopted.
    Could you please forward the schematics?
    Many thanks,

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