The Redifon GR 345D Man pack

The Redifon GR 345D is a solid state portable HF radio. The American enterprise Hughes licensed the PRC-74 and PRC-104 to the British enterprise Redifusion.

Redifusion built the PRC-74 as “Redifon GR 345B” and exported it to several countries. Known countries for export are Syria and Germany. The German name is FUG 15.

The German story comes from DJ3YR, Ted. Tnx, Ted! =>   <=

=> Ca. at the beginning of the 60s the “BGS ” (Bundesgrenzschutz; a force protecting the frontiers); wanted to have a portable SSB- HF- transceiver that also could be used as a mobile transceiver with a HF amplifier. The German industry could not provide such a radio at this time, so the British enterprise “Redifusion” known for having this technology (they built Navy radios), made an offer and was chosen to deliver the ” Redifon GR 345B”. All German radios for authorities are called “FUG…. “. So GB now built a FUG 15, after having much trouble with a German FUG 15 during WWII… <=

The radio in the collection is a portable radio with a 24-V-DC- converter. All German authority- radios are blue, that is why this radio is blue.
A known variant is a radio in a frame, complete with HF- amplifier. It has a slightly different front plate.

Frequency range:

2… 11.999 MHz in 1 KHz steps with frequency fine tune (+/- 2 KHz)

Modes: AM,USB,CW

Transmitting power: max 200 mW
Accessories: Manual, Headset, Linear GA 480 (broken).

In this picture is it the upper green one.

Here is a video with the first tests

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