The Sommerkamp TS-788DX (3. Coffee warmer)

Its unbelievable, I got one. I search a long time for that radio. The most ones goes too expensive away in eBay. That was a long dream from me
And I payed not so much for it. It was sold as a part broken radio.
This is the TS788DX without cc. That means without the 10m repeater function.

Type: Citizen band/freeband/export/amateur transceiver
Frequency range: 26-30 MHz (100/10/1 KHz/100 Hz steps)
Frequency control: PLL
RF Power output: Hi: 100 W (25 W AM)
Lo: 20 W (5 W AM)
Receiver system: N/A
Sensitivity: N/A
Selectivity: N/A
Image rejection: >50 dB
Voltage: 11-16 VDC
Current drain: RX: Max ? A
TX: Max 20 A
Impedance: 50 ohms, SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D): 156*61*290 mm
Weight: 3.7 Kg
Manufactured: Japan, 197x-197x (Discontinued)
Other: Also known as “The coffeewarmer”
Microphone is switchable for use as a speaker-mike. This
is an interesting feature I’ve never seen before in a mobile
radio. Very useful in a noisy vehicle.



See my TS-788DX rapair page:

5 thoughts on “The Sommerkamp TS-788DX (3. Coffee warmer)

  1. i have owned one in the 1980’s….it was a great cb radio….i made many long distance calls on it, until on the end it went very wide on its frequenty…….transmitting on 1 channel… but “broadcasting”over more then 5 channels……

    i sold it… but still regretting it…..
    IF i can find one.. i will buy it (again) ….

  2. Had one in the late 80s / early 90s. Loved it. A powerful and simple to use rig, but for whatever reason I sold it. Regret it now, I’ll track one down one day….

  3. Update:
    The 788 is broken. The up/down does’t work anymore. I checked all cables and connections. I guess a diode or transistor is broken. Or a cold solderpoint again. The well known problem, with the 788 🙂

    I will keep you in update
    73 de DC2WK

  4. hi i have the same problem i put de radio 21 years agow back in his original box
    in working state now today i found the radio back i was forgotten that i own this radio i plugged antenna and power in transmit ok recive ok but channel up and down do not function any more can you help me repair it
    best 73

  5. Hi my name is Lasse and have a Summer Camp 780DX
    My question to you is that you can help me get the facts on the 5 pole microphone connector. Want to be able to connect an old microphone named K40 that has a built-in compressor.
    Would be very happy to have it connected to my Summer Camp 780DX
    Is radio amateur with the single SA7ZWX.
    Thanks in advance 73 / Lasse

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