PRC6-6 German Six Channel Handheld Transceiver

I got from eBay a broken PRC-6/6 (Banana) Military Squad Radio. It was build in October 1961. I repaired it and it works again 🙂
This is a Six channel German Army version of American PRC-6 radio. The PRC-6/6 is a portable VHF radio with a operational Frequency of 47-55.4 MHz, FM, 250 mw Output, uses miniature tubes, crystal controlled, requires +1.5, -4.5, +45, and +90 Volts DC to operate. I got it in complete good working with Canvas Strap, new Handbook, Tape Antenna and six crystals. And I have some space tubes.

Frequency range:

47 … 54,4 MHz in six channels

Modes: FM
Mass + weights: Radio: L/b/h: 37,5 x 12,1 x 10,8 cm, 2,2 kg.
Transmitting power: 250 mW.
Sensitivity: under 1,0 UV with signal-to-noise ratio of 20 dB
Accessories: Original manual, Belt
Batteries: Homebrew. 10x 9V Block, 3x 1.5V Mignon cell and 1x 1.5V Mono cell


The frequencies are in the moment:

1: 45.900 MHz
2: 49.130 MHz
3: 49.180 MHz
4. 51.980 MHz
5: 53.490 MHz
6: 54.900 MHz

The German caption.

See more over the repair of that radio at




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