High Power QRO HyEndFeed

The HyEndFeed antennas from netherlands are very good antennas, but the max. power from 200 watts are very low. So I experimented with a High Power version for my station.

At first I order heavy big Ferrits. I use Teflon band to isolate it

Here are the lengths of the wire with the data for the coil at the end

By me the finish antenna wire look like this. The wire is from DX-Wire. I made the 80m version.

1 zu 25 Fertig
Here is my 1:25 Balun version

1 zu 49
Here is my 1:49 Balun version

The wire on this baluns is 2mm thick !
In my case the 1:25 balun works better with nicer resonances.

1 zu 25 in Tupper
I build everything in a Tupperware case 🙂
I ground this antenna. The big screw is for the antenna wire, the smal one near the PL jack is for the ground,

Here are the resonances from this antenna
I use it in most of the time for 30-160m.

My Tests with this antenna: