QRM Eleminator

I have some times problems with local noise on the lower bands. I find a schematic in the internet for a X-Phase (QRM Eliminator) .
This X-Phase help really a lot!

Thanks to DK9NL for share this project!

The finish PCB board.

The under side

Build in, in a case

The back side

The front

The back side from the case. Main Antenna, Transceiver, Sub Antenna and PTT

Here you can download the schematic for the X-Phase on the website from DK9NL or on the DARC website: http://www.darc.de/distrikte/q/02/projekte/x-phase/

9 thoughts on “QRM Eleminator

  1. Myself and son are building one of these right now

    Could you let us know how the 2 hole ferrite transformer coil is wound please ?

    73 de the 2 Bills

  2. Hi. Thanks a lot for the info. Do you have the schematic for this circuit? The DK9LN site does not exist anymore. Thanks a lot!

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