Hello dear YL and OM!


Welcome on my little Web Blog!
Because it must be now 🙁 Here is my Data protection 

You can find here some information’s over my projects and my ham radio station.

You can click on every picture to see it big!

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Have a lot of fun…

Site comments now open

I opened the comments completely. That means I don’t have to approve every comment before. But I will be informed, to check and delete your comment, when it is spam. In the moment am very busy at work, and the hobby have to wait. But the time for new projects will come. Be patient 🙂

73 de DC2WK

Activated Captcha

My Blog is now in the search engines available. So I got today a lot of spam. I activate now a Captcha for comments and reply’s. If you cant read it, push refresh on Captcha. In the moment I approve every post manually. I have no problem if you like to put your own private website in this post.
If you like a own user for this Blog, write me a mail with the reason why. Registered users don’t need to input the Captcha.