Hello dear YL and OM!

Welcome on my little Web Blog!
Because it must be now 🙁 Here is my Data protection 

You can find here some information’s over my projects and my ham radio station.

You can click on every picture to see it big!

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4 thoughts on “Hello dear YL and OM!

  1. Hello Donald !
    I am a really happy owner of a 788 dx since a few days. It’s in great conditions, respected transeiver . It goes well.
    Gives Fm low 35 w high 100 w
    Am low 15 w high 60 to 90 w dépends of my way to push PTT on thé mike.
    So something to look at there.
    Ssb low 20 w high 100 w with sometimes noise from the mike.
    Thé big trouble is of course the frequency déviation, around 1 kHz, maybe 1,3 lower that thé frequency on thé counter.
    I have the schĂ©matic but i don’t want to make any mistake or bad modification.
    Could you give me some information on the way i can be better on frequency ?
    RĂ©mi from France

  2. Hello

    Very interested in your progress on the linear replacement in the Redifon GA480

    Can you send me details?

    Many thanks

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