The Army R-108/GRC Recveiver

A nice Surplus Receiver from 20-28 MHz FM. I got it from a friend as broken part. The 24V vibrator and a thermal resistor (tube) was broken. I opens the vibrator and clean the contacts. After the change of the thermal resistor for the heading voltage, it works again.

This is a Part of radio sets AN/GRC-3, AN/VRC-16 & AN/VRC-20. It was use in the Vietnam War.

Frequency range:

20 .. 28 MHz

Modes: FM
Mass + weights: 178 x 229 x 305 mm, 11.35 kg

Now I search the connectors and a speaker.

Here you can see a video with a test:

1 thought on “The Army R-108/GRC Recveiver

  1. Hi,Myster Donald,my name is Magar,SWL:I1105GE from Italy,i have one question for the radio R108-GRC,the power supply for the alimentation this radio,is only the power supply PP-112,or another external battery 6/12/24 Volt?.The radio is internal VIBRATOR 6/12/24 Volt and required only external battery?Thanks so much Bye Magar.

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