The Russian R-407 Transceiver

I got this from EBay as a brand new depot transceiver. It comes with the original accumulators and Handset. A very nice collector piece.
The R-407 is a portable tube type radio for duplex operation. The transmitter and receiver frequencies can be set independently. Internal construction is very similar to the R-105M series radios. Its very rare! Build in the 60ies.

I gave this radio to a friend, what have done a lot for me. I hope he have a lot of fun with.

Frequency range:
52 .. 60 MHz

Modes: FM

Mass + weights: 225 x 300 x 400 mm, 16,2 kg
Transmitting power: 1 Watt
Frequency departure: –
Sensitivity: –
Accessories: Headset
Batteries: Original accumulators 2NKN24


I have sell this transceiver again to  a collector.

Here you can see the transceiver in usage:

3 thoughts on “The Russian R-407 Transceiver

  1. Very cool set. It’s in great shape. I think the Russians used them in East Germany when I was assigned there many years ago. If I find another, could it be rebuilt, are all the parts still on the market to rebuild it? Vielen Dank!

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