My Ham radio Station

This station is used for training with call DN2WK too.

I never thought it , I sold my beloved Icom IC- 746 and other transceivers to buy me a brand new Yaesu FT-DX 1200.
So my main short-wave radio is currently a Yaesu FT-DX 1200(The one in the third picture) with HF and 6m. It makes 100W on shortwave. A great machine! I use a MD-100 Mike with Grundmann Modification for the FT-DX 1200. And the MD-85 for the TS-770E, the FTM-400xDE and a CB-Radio.

The brand new Yaesu FTM-400xDE I use for repeater and direct QSOs . I can reach 3 digital C4FM Repeaters at my location. It’s absolutely great and an better Quality then DMR. I have the Camera Mike too. Works perfect with sending pictures.
I use a X50 from diamond in 10m high for it.

Some other old ham transceivers or radios:
Yaesu FT-200 from 1968
Sommerkamp FR-100B from 1965
Sommerkamp FL-200B from 1965
Kenwood TS-770E (2m/70cm All mode) from 1979
Kenwood TR-2300 (2m QRP portable) from 1979
Kenwood TS-120V (Shortwave QRP) from 1978
Trio 9R-59DS (Shortwave CW/AM Receiver) from 1968
I love sometimes to operate like a OM in old times 🙂

Military Collector Pices:
NVA R-107T Transceiver (20-52 Mhz FM)
Russian Military Receiver R-323M (20-115MHz CW/SSB/AM/FM)
NVA R-105M Transceiver (36-46.1 MHz FM)
Redifon GR-345D (2-12 MHz SSB/CW/AM)
For more details see the surplus page: Some are soled.

My CB-Radio Highlights are:
Universe 5500
All Sommerkamp Coffee warmer (TS-680edx, TS-780DX, TS-788DX) and a lot of more Sommerkamps. See my Sommerkamp page:
Handic 12305 and 1235 and others…

Other Stuff:
I have for QRP portable a Kenwood TS-120V with a self-made ZS6BKW Dipole and a self-made Z-Match. It have a nice modulation and a good receiver. See Pictures at the end.

I also have some old CB-Radio Stuff from my beginnings at the 80’s. Not enough space for all old radios, so I sold a lot of 🙂

My Big Linear PA is a homebrew linear amplifier with one GS35B tube in a computer 19 inch (6 inch high) server case. It can make near 2KW PEP Output. See
building report at:
In Germany is only 750W PEP allowed on shortwave. I can use it for all shortwave radios.

My main antenna is a Diamond X510 antenna for 2m/70cm and for long distance 2m repeaters a vertical 5 element beam. For 2m/70cm SSB I have a 5 Element horizontal on my antenna rotor under the hex beam.

For DMR I have a 7 element 70cm beam in fix direction. I use the Retevis RT3 for DMR operation.

For 10,12,15,17,20 m I have a classic Hexbeam (DL7IO). For 6m I use the Hexbeam with the Icom internal tuner. For 4m I have a two element in combination with the 2m Vertical beam.

I also have a Butternut HF5V-III all band vertical from 10-80m for a power up to 2 KW.

For 80-30m I build a High Power HiEndFeed Antenna what can handle 1KW.
Near distance QSOs in Europe works better with this antenna.

For 2m/70cm portable I have a Baofeng UV-3R with 2 Watt and a Baofeng GT-3 with 5 Watt.
For the digital modes and logbook I have a Quad core Computer (6GB Ram) with self-made interfaces to the transceivers. I use ham radio deluxe. For portable use, I have a little sub-notebook with HRD.

In the car I have a Icom TH-9800 Quad band with a 10m/6m/2m/70cm antenna with 50 Watts. I use the MC-48 Mike on it. A great modulation with the Yaesu Mike. The original sound muffled. See the Video at the end for this radio.

Here you find some of my QSL in the eQSLs Album:


Pictures from my shack:

The first side of my shack


Here is my Main Transceiver. A great machine! The Yaesu FT-DX 1200 with FFT-1 option for decode CW,PSK and RTTY, and the voice module. My USB Interface is a SB-2000 from CG-Antenna. The MD-100 has a selfmade LED-Electret modification (like DM2GM) and a great sound 🙂 Over the FTDX is a Label Printer for QSL Cards.

The Panel for the FTM-400xDE and the HRI-200 option. Over it, its my monitors for HRD.

Then comes the Kenwood TS-770E 2m/70cm All mode Transceiver.
On it is a little 50W Linear for 2m. I got the original Speaker for it 🙂
The Kenwood MC-85 I can use with the TS-770, the FTM-400xDE and the Albrecht AE-8000 radio. This AE-8000 is a special Edition with wood optic, golden knobs and a black-orange display. Brings 5W output. It can works (with a switch) from 25-30 MHz (FM).

After that on the right side is a silver Yaesu/Sommerkamp Oldi side 🙂
I have a FT-200 with 10-80m and 100W Output and a FR-100B Receiver with the FL-200B Transmitter. The 500W Transistor Linear I use with the TS-788DX (low Power) or with the TS-120V. In the left upper corner you see the lovely Sommerkamp TS-788DX coffee warmer.

I also have a TS-120V with a 4m Transverter. I have the second VFO and the SP-23 too. This is my portable QRP setup. I now have it connected all the time.

This is the Trio 9R-59DS tube radio. I use it for listen DARC radio and other shortware radio stations.

The linear makes, about 1500-1800 Watts on near all bands with my FT-DX 1200. In Germany is only 750W PEP allowed on shortwave. The Tube is a GS35B with 3800 V anode voltage (1.2A). Everything is self-build. See the page .Over it is my home made antenna tuner up to 2 KW Pep for all antennas.

Under the desk I have a home brew 150W tube linear for 70cm. Works great with the TS-770 on SSB.

Two 35A power supplies deliver the power for all the Radios.
At the left is my lovely Sommerkamp TS-788DX 🙂
At the right is the Redifon GR-345 Transceiver.
Upper Area: With this handic (orange/black), I worked my first QSOs in 1976 as a Child 🙂  And some other CB-Radios like Sommerkamp, Universe 5500, …

The second side of my shack
On the second side of my shack is the repair and measuring place.
For more details see the side “My workshop”

Old Picture!
IMG_2864 beschriftet
Left side: Comet vertical for 23cm,2m and 70cm vertical. Bottom: self build 2m Groundplane for TS-700G and a vertical dipole for the 2m Echolink node DC2WK-L. Middle: The Hexbeam for 10m-20m+6m and 2m horizontal beam for SSB and 2m/70cm vertical beam.

The dipol is replaced now with a all band vertical antenna. The Butternut HF5V-III.
For 80-10m I build a High Power HiEndFeed Antenna what can handle 1KW.
Near distance QSOs in Europe works better with this antenna. You can’t see it in the pictures.

IMG_2866 beschriftet
IMAX 2000 Groundplane for 10m relays and CB-Radio.

Here are other military radios, CB Linears and other older CB Radios.

I spend a lot of time here in my Shack. And I have a extra place in my shack for my wife. She play computer in this time. So we can be together, when I celebrate my hobby.

Videos from my Shack (most of are old versions):

You find more videos at my Channel

I sold this magnum delta force to a friend.

This is a old version, the Shack looks now a lot different.

Some radios are sold.




8 thoughts on “My Ham radio Station

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  2. Mal ne Frage zu “The HyEndFed is 23m long with 110uH Coil and 1:25 UnUn”. Ich habe inzwischen einiges über HyEndFed gelesen aber was bei Dir auffällt ist das Verhältnis 1:25. Sonst lese ich immer 1:64 weil die Antenne mit einer Impedanz von 3200 Ohm angegeben ist. 73 de DB9XQ Michael aus Hamburg.

    • Es gibt verschiedene Bauarten mit 1:25 bis 1:64. Üblich sind 1:50.
      Bei mir hat sich das so ergeben da ich massives Material benutzt habe. Meine HyEndFeed macht 1KW Dauerbelastung. Dann hängt sie als Slooper, das macht auch noch was aus.
      Ebenso wollte ich den Bereich im 60m Band auch ohne Tuner abdecken. So ergab sich der 1:25. Ein weiterer Bau für einen OM mit 100W und normalem Material hat den 1:50.

      Einfach mal testen, alles was gut geht ist erlaubt 🙂

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  5. Hey, I came across your website as I googled for Universe 5500. I have one here, completely in original box and with original user guide. It was my dad’s (truck driver) and we have no idea what to do with it. Would you be interested? Then I could send it to you.

  6. Hi, I have a question which is not directly Ham-related: You have a label printer to print labels for the QSL-cards. What labels and what program(s) do you use for that.
    Many thanks for any hint.

    Cheers Markus

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