The Hitachi V-1065A Oscilloscope

I worked a long time with older Russian tube Oscilloscopes. My friend Holger hear that I search a little bit newer one, and he told me, he have one what he don’t need anymore.
So my friend give me that for a present. Thanks to him and Thank you very much!

Here are the Details:

  • DC to 100 MHz bandwidth, 2 Channels with Delayed Sweep capability
  • Lightweight, easy to use, 6Kg
  • Two input channels
  • 2% accuracy
  • 2 mV/div to 5V/div input sensitivity on dual input channels; 50V/div with 10X probe
  • 50 ns/div to 0.5 sec/div sweep rates, fastest sweep rate to 5 ns/div with X10 mag
  • Sweep auto-range
  • Advanced trigger system, Auto Trigger
  • Delayed sweep measurements
  • Large, bright CRT
  • Read out

Here it is 🙂

Some Tests:
1Khz sine wave

Measuring the frequency of the 1Khz Sine wave


Measuring the periode of the 1Khz Sine wave

Measuring the voltage of the 1Khz Sine wave

Two channels active

The maximum what my function generator works

The AM signal with a transceiver without modulation

The AM signal with a transceiver with modulation

The SSB Two tone test with a transceiver with measuring the tone difference from the two tones

And here is the setting f&f – 200hz, what I checked out on the oscilloscope

A very wonderful machine !

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